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Hey Arabic Gamers are you ready to play first Arabic MMOG…

October 23, 2008

Game Power 7 is going to participate Dubai World Game Expo, and there the company will distribute free registration numbers for its first Arabic MMOG (Rappelz: Hope of Nations). Meanwhile this would be the beginning of CBT (Close Beta Test) period of the Game.

Therefore all visitors would have the chance of getting free registration to the game and playing with the Demo.


Game Power 7 Participating in Dubai World Game Expo and Summit

October 16, 2008

game Power 7 Signature

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – October 14, 2008Game Power 7 is actively participating in a recent combination of global gaming events: Dubai World Game Expo (DWGE) and Dubai World Game Summit (DWGS) as part of its aggressive plan to publish online games in the Middle East and North Africa region.

At its booth in the DWGE, Game Power 7 will meet with key game developers in order to select a number of new games to introduce to the market. In addition, Game Power 7 will promote the first 3D MMO game in the region, Rappelz – Hope of Nations, which it localized in cooperation with Korean publisher, NFlavor.

During the DWGS, Mr. Fadi Mujahid, General Manger of Game Power 7, will deliver a special presentation about its findings and experience in online game publishing, “Challenges of Online Game Publishing in the Middle East”

The speaker will share the knowledge and experience that the company acquired through conducting market research and studies related to online gaming and related publishing business. The presentation highlights some of the major challenges that the company is dealing with in their new venture.

The summit schedule is available at

Game Power 7 considers the Middle East & North Africa region an untouched market for online games due to the absence of local game publishers, a role that the company has pioneered and is actively pursuing.

Game Power 7

Game Power 7 emerged as the first online gaming publisher in the Middle East and North Africa, promising to bring gamers the best localized and culturalized online games.

Game Power 7 is a subsidiary of Weiss Investment, which operates a major regional media hub that is sensitive to the region’s cultural values. Weiss Investment has been actively operating in the region for the past 20 years localizing and producing media contents targeting kids and youth, and broadcasting them through their own famous satellite TV channels.
Game Power 7 is based in Dubai, UAE.

For more information, please contact.
Fadi Mujahid

Game Power 7’s first product

October 14, 2008

Game Power 7 has announced that it has almost finished from the preparations of launching the first Arabic MMOG in the Middle East.

The Company has declared that the game is a culturalized and translated version from Rappelz .It is a very famous game developed by NFlavor Company and registered more than 5M gamers in USA and Europe.

The Company specified that the CBT stage would be at the end of November and the chance would be given to 10 thousand gamers to play the game.